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Preservation Technologies Japan (PTJ) is the Japanese division of Preservation Technologies L.P., which is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United Sates. Bookkeeper, Preservation Technologies’ internationally patented deacidification process, safely and effectively neutralizes the harmful acids found in paper and greatly extends the life of books and manuscripts. It is the only deacidification method that can be used with a wide variety of paper-based materials including: manuscripts, music sheets, pamphlets, posters and books.

Preservation Technologies developed a secure shipping and handling process that ensures the integrity of archival and library collections. The transportation process is entirely secure - from when books and manuscripts leave libraries and archives, during the deacidification process, to when they are returned. Materials are monitored with a state-of-the art system that includes careful inspection by trained staff, documentation, and detailed reports. PTJ can also provide guidance for the preservation of books and manuscripts beyond deacidification, including environmental control.

Establishing a Bookkeeper Deacidification Facility in Saitama

In March 2008, Preservation Technologies established a Bookkeeper deacidification facility in Saitama City, Japan. The Japanese facility boasts the newest equipment, and is the eighth facility in the world, following offices in the United States, Canada, Holland, Poland, and Spain.

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